Preparing for Reconciliation:

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered Saturdays at 3:45pm at St. Anthony’s or by appointment.


  • Place yourself in God’s loving presence.  Remember this sacrament is a sign and celebration of great love and mercy of Jesus, who forgive totally all who approach Him with contrite and humble hearts.

  • Assured of God’s goodness rather than burdened by fear, review your life with the help of this guide.  Resolve to renew your heart.


  • After entering the confessional, and being welcomed, make the sign of the cross with the priest, the representative of the loving and forgiving Christ.

  • After some words of greeting, the priest may say an introductory prayer to which you answer “Amen”.

Reading of Scripture (Optional)

  • A short biblical passage expressing God’s mercy and call to conversion is selected and read by the priest.

Confession of Sin & Penance

  • If necessary, the priest will help you make a complete confession, giving counsel and encouragement and suggesting a penance.

Manifestation of Contrition

  • The Act of Contrition is a distinct part of the Sacrament.  Express sorrow in your own words or use traditional form.


  • Representing Christ and the Church, the priest says the words which convey God’s forgiveness.


  • The priest says one of several possible prayers followed by appropriate words of dismissal.