Funerals Liturgy Planner

The Christian meaning of death is revealed in the light of the Paschal mystery of death and resurrection of Christ in whom resides our only hope.  The Christian who dies in Christ Jesus is “away from the body and at home with the Lord.”
Plan the funeral liturgy by clicking on Liturgy Planner above. Download and print the form. The filled-in form can be mailed or faxed (508-758-3019) to the parish office, or scanned to your computer and emailed to the parish office;
 for approval of the selected date.


The following resources serve as guidance for those who have been selected as readers, gift bearers, and the eulogist for the funeral of your loved one. We ask you to share this document with those who have been selected lectors at least 24 hours before the funeral. Thank you for helping us to provide you a meaningful liturgy for your loved one!
(First Reader, Second Reader, General Intercessions Reader)
Your presence to the family as the reader may provide needed consolation in this difficult time. The following information is offered to you as a helpful guide to aid you in reading at the Funeral Mass. The readers are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before the Funeral Mass. Essentials to Keep in Mind:
Ø The readers are asked to be seated closer to the front. This allows quicker and easier access to the sanctuary.
Ø After the priest sprinkles the casket/urn with holy water, he invites the family member to offer words of remembrance (no more than 3 minutes). There is also the possibility for a friend of the family to speak in remembrance of the deceased. Words of remembrance are to express appreciation for the life of the deceased. Then the priest will offer the opening prayer of the Mass.
Ø After everyone is seated, the first reader will prepare to read the First Reading in the following manner:
Ø The First Reader will stand from their pew and enter the sanctuary pulpit.
Ø The first reader will proclaim the Old Testament Reading.
Ø Then she/he will bow to the altar, and depart the sanctuary taking her/his seat.
Ø The Responsorial Psalm is followed by the cantor.
Ø After the Responsorial Psalm, the Second Reader will proclaim the New Testament reading and exit in similar way.
Ø (Note: the readings will already be prepared in the pulpit.
Ø The Gospel and homily follow, which are proclaimed by the priest.
Ø After priest’s homily, the Intercession reader can begin his/her General Intercessions.
Ø If there are the gift bearers, they are welcomed to bring gifts of bread and wine to the presider after Intercession prayers – Lord hear our prayers
Thank you for your attentiveness to these guidelines which help us to plan meaningful liturgy for your deceased loved one