Dear Parishioners,

First, I want to say welcome back to church this coming weekend, it’s good to see you after 70 + days. Thank you for your continued financial support of the parishes through the Online giving on the Parish website and by mailing your budget envelopes into the Parish Office. You have been wonderful!

I want to share with you what you can expect when you return to Mass this weekend or when you feel it’s time to come back as the dispensation of obligation remains in effect , so if you are elderly or have any underlining health issues you should stay home and the 9:30 AM Mass will be live-streamed at the parish Facebook page. So let’s talk about what to expect.

1. All Masses will be held at Saint Anthony’s for specific reasons. As we reopen the Churches, I am the only priest right now for the two parishes. We have the parking and we have the ability to livestream the Mass. This will only be a temporary system. Safety takes first priority.

2. Mass Schedule. Until further notice Masses will be celebrated at 4:30 pm on Saturday. Sunday Morning will be at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:30 am. Daily Mass will be at 8:00am Mon thru Friday.

In order to assure that we stay within the mandated capacity (100 persons), we have instituted a reservation system. Simply right-click on the hyperlink here

and complete the form. You will receive an email confirming the reservation, please print and bring with you to Church or displayed on your Smartphone. For those without internet access, you may call Carol at 508-758-3719 before Friday at 12:00 Noon.

Funeral Masses, Weddings and Baptisms will be celebrated but are subject to the same regulations of persons allowed and mandated safety rules.

3. Preparing to come to Church: Wearing of Mask will be mandatory during Mass. You are required to be masked as you get out of your vehicle. When you arrive please come to the front entrance doors. These will be the only doors open in addition to the Handicap Lift entrance. You should plan on arriving early so you are not turned away. Bring copy of your reservation email. This regulation will be highly enforced, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

4. When you enter church please use the hand sanitizer which is provided. Very important. Feel free to bring your own personal hand sanitizer if you like.

5. When you sit if you are alone, please distance yourself from others. Family’s may sit together. Some pews will roped off, in order to keep the “6 foot rule” in all directions.

6. The Celebration of Mass.

Mass will begin with a simple procession. There will be no congregational singing just organ and cantor. There will be no offertory procession of gifts and monetary offerings and no sign of Peace.

What do I do with my donations of monetary offerings? Baskets will be placed at the foot of the sanctuary. You may drop them in there. There is no need to separate them just put everything in the respective basket. We will separate them. Thanks for your continued support.

Distribution of Holy Communion
Very Important To Follow Direction

After the Lamb of God, the Spiritual Communion Prayer will be recited. The priest and anyone in the sanctuary will receive. Only under the Consecrated Host. The precious blood will not be distributed. After the vessels are purified, the celebrant will return to the presider’s chair and do the closing prayer and give the final blessing and then communion will be distributed. Yes, you are reading this right.

After the final blessing we will go row by row beginning at the front. Please note the priest will at this point be masked.  Please approach the priest or Eucharistic Minister and remove your mask and any gloves. You are asked to receive communion in the hand. This is very important. You may also place your envelopes in the baskets provided after you receive communion. After receiving communion please put your mask on.

After receiving communion, you are asked not to return to your pews. You are asked to exit the church and return to your car. You may leave by the front door and they will be in the open position for you.

I know that we have not seen a lot of our church family for a long time, but we are asking that you do not congregate in the parking lot as we need to clear the parking lot for the next mass and clean the church. Social distancing is very, very, important.

We will always be in need of help to clean the church after Mass. If you are able to stay and help we would ask you to wait in your car and come back in after the people have left. We will certainly find a job for you!

I know this is a lot to take in and it’s going to take several weeks to get use to. Please be patient and we will get through this.

For the summer months, there will be no meetings or social activities. We need to ease back into this and this also a request from the diocese.

Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you at Mass.