The Christmas by the SEA Fair 

Supporting Parish Scholars

Each year, parishioners share their time and talent to create Christmas greens, crafts, gifts and sweets to raise money to recognize our top college-bound Seniors for academics, parish and community service.  Last year $5000 was raised and awarded to Parishioners Matthew Brigioli, John Burke, Noah Cunningham, Patrick Janicki, Rosemary Loer, Delaney Pothier, Mia Quinlan, Daniel Rottler


Wishlist Items

There is a Drop Box in the Church Hall at St. Anthony’s kitchen where you can drop off donations of the following:

-Baskets and Floral Arrangement Containers

-Christmas Ribbons or fabric

-Coupons/Gift Cards to Michael’s or AC Moore

Get Crafty: Parish “Greens Table” Nights in November and December

Come join fellow parishioners  at St. Anthony’s Hall for Greens Night.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart – there are projects and assignments for all abilities.

  • Tuesday, November 16: 6:30pm

  • Tuesday, December 7: 6:30pm

Faith Formation Baskets

Every year the Faith Formation Raffle Baskets are a big hit at the Fair as people of all ages pick their favorites to try and win, and 100% of the proceeds go right back to students thru awards.  Each Grade contributes items to create one-of-a-kind thematic baskets packaged beautifully for the lucky winners.  Below are themes for each class’ basket – you may donate a purchased item that connects to the theme, or make a cash donation and the Raffle Basket Chairs will shop for you.

Grades 1-3
Grade 1: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Grade 2: Pizza and Movie Night

Grade 3: Buy Local

Grades 4-6
Grade 4: On The Road Again

Grade 5: Arts and Crafts

Grade 6: Winter Wellness

Jr. High & Confirmation
Grade 7: Mexican Fiesta

Grade 8: Sports Fan

Grade 9: Morning Wake Up

Grade 10: Lucky Lotto

Ornament of the Year

This year’s ornament is the St. Rita’s stained glass window depicting the Holy Family.  Gift boxed, they may be personalized with name and date for a great gift and/or family tradition.  $10 each

Quantities are limited, so be sure to reserve yours today.

Help Wanted

Greens Table – Church Hall

Tuesday, November 16: 6:30pm

Tuesday, December 7: 6:30pm

Set Up – Church Hall

Friday, November 26: 9am – 12am

Saturday, November 27: 9am – 12am

Drop off Baked Goods – Church Hall

Friday, December 3: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday, December 4: 9:00am

Chair: Gloria  Bousquet: & Lucille Bousquet

Clean Up

December 7: 1:00pm

General Help

Please contact 

Cathy Dupont at 508-758-9681

Natalie Taber at 508-758-6263

Lend a Hand to Chair People

It takes a village!  There are numerous ways to help and all don’t involve a glue gun!  From serving lunch to selling raffle tickets to setting up or hanging ad posters, many of our table chairs could use a little help… and you just may make a new friend along the way.  Feel free to contact any of the folks directly if you have a specific interest.

Crafts & Gifts

Gift Boutique Donations of Christmas Decorations and gift items

Laurie Kassabian

Greens: HELP WANTED! Holly and Greens Needed

Kay Smith



Grand Raffle  1st prize $1,000, 2nd prize $500, 3rd prize $250
1 ticket $5, 3 tickets $10, 6 tickets $20

The McGraws

Gift Baskets

Mary Chaplain:


Kitchen & Kids

Breakfast – 9:00 – 10:30 Coffee and malasadas

Paula Soroka

Evelyn Texeira

Lunch – 11:00 – 12:30 Hotdogs, chicken soup, chowder, and chicken salad
Ann Marklin
Toy Store

Paula Mui