Christian Service

As part of preparation for Confirmation and to demonstrate the importance of service to others, students are required to participate in a Christian Service project.  9th Graders are required to have 10 hours of service and 10th graders, 15 hours.

One of the greatest ways to cultivate a talent is to use it to serve others.  Identify your strengths, and then develop a way to use them in service to others.  If you have musical ability, consider joining the church choir.  If you have the gift of patience, consider teaching the young children in our parish in the Faith Formation program.  If you enjoy being outdoors, volunteer to “adopt” a road or park in your area and pick up litter and clear away brush.  If your talent is leadership and organization, perhaps you could organize an event to benefit a charity.

It is important that your choice be something specific and practical; that it meets a real need in your parish, neighborhood, community or world at large and that it is something that is not normally part of your everyday responsibilities.  This must be a new service project.  You cannot use past experiences.  You can work alone, with your sponsor or in a group.


On a separate piece of paper, write a short essay in which you answer the following questions:

1. What type of community service (home, church, school, neighborhood/community, social justice) did you choose? Why?

2. Describe what you did for your community service

3. What did you learn from your community service?

4. Recount one funny thing that happened when you did your community service.

5. Name one event that touched your heart when you performed your service.

6. How did performing community service make you feel?

7. Did performing community service change you spiritually? Why or Why not?