The Parish Mission Statement
St. Anthony and St. Rita Parish is a community of Mattapoisett and Marion Roman Catholics once established as missions in the early 60-ties to become the parish with a resident pastor to collaborate with its Bishop of Fall River Diocese. Nourished through Word and Sacraments, we attend to the Holy Spirit and follow our Lord, Christ Jesus. We give witness to our participation in the Body of Christ by welcoming, evangelizing and serving all whom we encounter, especially the poor.

Diocese of Fall River Synod Report 2022

2023 Lenten Message OF BISHOP EDGAR

2023 Women and Mens Conference

The official decree on the unification of our parishes is included here (click on the March, 21 link below to see the decree).

 March 21, 2023 Decree St. Anthony – St. Rita Parish  effective 4-3-23